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Wayne L. Klein, PhD

Neuropsychological Assessment of Children & Adults; Couples & Individual Psychotherapy Offices in Franklin, MA & Spaulding Center for Children, Sandwich, MA
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Most people have two ways of predicting & understanding
1. Placing oneself in the shoes of another - the Empathy Approach
2. Thinking of the entity as a logical system or machine - the Objective Approach

Think of these as two separate modules for understanding the world.

In Asperger's. Autism & PDD the empathetic system does not work very well. Using the Objective approach on people turns people into objects. One may even treat oneself as an object, using one's name, rather than "I" to refer to oneself.

Ancient humans tried to understand and predict the weather as if it were one or more Living Beings. We now think of the weather as a logical system, a pattern. Those lacking the intuitive capacity to take the perspective of another (Theory of Mind) are forced to think even of people as logical systems or machines. This is not very effective. Associated with this deficit, emotional cues are missed, ignored or misunderstood. Many learn to logically and laboriously guestimate the meaning of facial expressions and tone of voice that most of us grasp intuitively and effortlessly.

Relationships between Nonverbal Learning Disability and Autism-Asperger's are still being worked out. At the least, it can be said that they are often but not always very distinct.

Social Functioning in Asperger's & Autism