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Wayne L. Klein, PhD

Neuropsychological Assessment of Children & Adults; Couples & Individual Psychotherapy Offices in Franklin, MA & Spaulding Center for Children, Sandwich, MA
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Self Control in Adults
Self Control Books for the General Reader

Very readable & useful book by Baumeister, a leader in the field, on what science has learned about self-control. This is highly recommended.

A well reviewed book that attempts to link with neuroscience.

The author has written other books about the Bible. This book is not recommended, but may be of interest to some readers with traditional religious beliefs.

The focus is on mindfulness.

A quick read that may be worthwhile if you are unlikely to read a more in depth book. Not a first choice pick.

Academic Books

Very good book for students & professionals

By Albert Bandura, this is a readable academic text.

A technical book for students & professionals
edited by Baumeister & Vohs

Technical overview of the field edited by Boekaerts, Pintrich & Zeidner

This academic book by Carver & Scheier was written in 1998 and should be considered dated.

This behaviorally oriented book by Howard Rachlin is very limited in perspective.