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Wayne L. Klein, PhD

Neuropsychological Assessment of Children & Adults; Couples & Individual Psychotherapy Offices in Franklin, MA & Spaulding Center for Children, Sandwich, MA
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Preparing for the SAT

How the tortoise beats the hare

Here a tortoise (student with lower aptitude) can beat a hare (higher aptitude kid) if the tortoise begins preparation early, prepares intelligently and works hard.

Vocabulary acquisition begins at home well before that first day of school. Just using a larger vocabulary around your kids will improve their vocabulary. here you work hard, the child just soaks up the info like a sponge.

Most test takers are inadequately prepared. The unprepared hare will be lapped by the tortoise. The easiest way to prepare, and to acquire extra points is to understand the thinking of the question writers. This is done by taking as many practice tests as possible. Every correct and every incorrect question should be studied to better understand what the question writer is expecting.

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