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Wayne L. Klein, PhD

Neuropsychological Assessment of Children & Adults; Couples & Individual Psychotherapy Offices in Franklin, MA & Spaulding Center for Children, Sandwich, MA
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 What Intelligence Means

A useful way to think about IQ is as a measure of how long a person must work and how much effort a person must exert to keep up with the average person.


A child with an IQ of 100 need only work as hard as the average student to do average work.

With an IQ of 90 one must work harder than 75 out of 100 classmates to do average work.


A personwith an IQ of 80 must work harder than 91 out of 100 classmates just to keep up.

With an IQ of 70, one must work harder than 98 our of 100 to keep up.
With an IQ of 60, one must work harder than 996 out of 1,000 just to keep up with average.

The lower the IQ, the greater the need for above-average motivation, endurance and frustration tolerance.


In contrast, an individual with an IQ of 110, working as hard as the average student, would be ahead of 75 out of 100.