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Wayne L. Klein, PhD

Neuropsychological Assessment of Children & Adults; Couples & Individual Psychotherapy Offices in Franklin, MA & Spaulding Center for Children, Sandwich, MA
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We live in a world of instant, effortless distractions which put greater demands on self control than were required of previous generations. Even many adults need external assistance in resisting music, email, social networking, news, videos, video games, web surfing and so on.

There is a strong likelihood that your childĀ or adolescent would greatly benefit from help in controlling electronic distractions. If necessary, enforce electronic curfews, time periods in which there is an electronic blackout. Ideally, help your child to see the advantages of accepting an electronic curfew. Then assist them in setting up a system that reduces second-by-second demands on self control.

Consider the following.
#1 No TV in the bedroom
#2 Cell phones should be charged in a public part of the home, not the child's bedroom so they are out of the bedroom at night..
#3 No electronic device should be stored in the child's bedroom.
#4 No access to electronic devices during homework periods, unless they are essential to
doing the homework.

Since computers are often required for work or school, consider one of the following software products. They are designed to block internet access. Beware that some can be circumvented via a computer reboot.

Reviews of Parental Controls reviews currently avaiable programs

Freedom blocks internet access for up to 8 hours at a time cost: $10 for download

Anti-Social blocks hundreds social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube & Twitter
$15 for download

Leechblock free download for Firefox. Blocks specified sites for specified times. Lets you
set a password for access to specified sites

Use built in controls. Internet Explorer has a built in content adviser. Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 have parental controls.

Verizon Parental Control Center for Verizon products